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Man Reviewing Loan Summary  Loan Summary Form (Detailed)

This form will ask you a number of questions about the transaction, most of which are not required. With a good amount of information about a deal, we can write and publish a solid blog post which will result in more effective marketing for your company. If we don’t have enough information to write a full blog post, we may post your transaction on one of the regional pages of the site instead, in addition to the Deal Gallery of your listing.

  Funded Loans Form (Basic)

Use this form to submit only the basics – photo, city/state, data funded, loan amount, property type, deal type. The form includes an optional text box to type out some additional details. We’ll post these on your listing’s Deal Gallery page. It’s less marketing for you than a complete blog post, but it gives credibility and shows that you’re actually funding loans, which will result in more leads for you.


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