PRIVACY POLICY (“PLL”) is concerned about privacy, both of its viewers, and strategic partners.  Our commitment to privacy is encompassed in the following policy statement:

1.       We Do Not Sell Your Information

PLL will never sell your contact information, or any other data that is directly identifiable to you.  Our business model is based on facilitating introductions between various service providers and those with specific loan related needs.  This model however does not involve us selling your information.

2.       We Do Collect Information For Tracking Purposes

If you complete forms on the PLL website, PLL will store this data for tracking purposes only.  The form data received will be safeguarded and entirely inaccessible to anyone outside of PLL.  PLL may also collect generic data through the use of cookies for the purpose of tracking website views and effectiveness of ads.  These cookies however will not contain personally identifying information about the user. PLL may also receive a copy of the first email sent to a listed company, for tracking purposes.

3.       Legal Disclosure

In the unlikely event that PLL receives a court subpoena or order to produce internal records, we will direct our attorney to resist any such compliance to the extent we can do so with a sound legal basis.  We will further seek to narrow any such disclosure as much as legally permitted.

4.       Updates

This Privacy Policy statement may change from time to time and updates will be posted as changes occur.


PLL is a California licensed broker under California Bureau of Real Estate License No. 01893537.  Regardless of this license, PLL considers itself a “finder” for purposes of applicable laws and regulations (California Business & Professions Code § 10130, et. seq.), specifically due to its non-involvement in negotiating loan transactions.  Nothing on this website, or in any communications from PLL, should be interpreted, or understood, as reflecting that PLL is acting in the capacity of a fiduciary, agent, or representative, of any individual who may express interest in a particular advertiser, or any advertiser who may conduct business with anyone as a result of an introduction made by PLL.  PLL does not itself provide, or assist in providing, any of the services reflected on this website.