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PrivateLenderLink is a great resource for investors seeking opportunities to invest in mortgages and real estate. Here on our site you’ll find a list of reputable companies offering a range of investments opportunities – trust deed investing, mortgage fund investing, note investing, equity fund investing, and property investing. Some mortgage and real estate investing opportunities are more passive while others require experience and hands-on due diligence. Browse the investment companies listed below, or tell us about your investment requirements and we may be able to connect you with some of our contacts.

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The amount required to invest in mortgages and real estate starts at just $5,000. Some companies have much higher minimum investment amounts. A number of the investment opportunities require investors to be accredited. These include funds, syndication and other investments deemed to be “securities” which are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Pacific Private Money Trust Deed Investing
Novato, CA • Completed 1,200+ Transactions Since 2008 • Lending Throughout California
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Pacific Private Money Fund
Novato, CA • Short-Term Debt Secured by California Real Estate • Target Return: 7% to 9% Annual
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MOR Financial Trust Deed Investing
Los Angeles, CA • Funded over $250 million • Established in 2006 • Lending Throughout California
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